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Always one step ahead

It all began in the 1950s when Araldo Capaccioli, assisted by his wife and a team of ten people, began designing machinery in a small handcraft shop, in Sinalunga, in the province of Siena. Situated in that Tuscany of reconstruction, rich with its many furnaces scattered throughout the territory.

It is a story that, over the years, has maintained the common denominator of passion for innovation and development, intertwining with the events of the Capaccioli family, which still today – after 70 years and two generations – leads the company with the same enthusiasm of the founder.

Araldo Capaccioli began his business by building conveyor belts for mines, vibrating screens for quarries and brick kilns, but also for companies then engaged in the construction of the Autostrada del Sole.

In the 1960s the team grew to about twenty employees and specialized in the production of brick kilns. In fact, in the area there were important brick producers and Araldo Capaccioli began to think about new products to be produced and proposed to kilns, such as rapid cycle roller dryers, with a drying cycle ranging from 1 to 2 hours.

These proposals led to an important process towards innovation: at the time, the drying of materials was done exclusively in the open air. From this first realization, the company came into contact with other brick manufacturers and began to offer its new innovative product around Italy. The construction of the first industrial warehouse in Via Piave dates back to 1963, where today the current headquarters of the Capaccioli group are located and where the production department was then transferred.

In the 70s – with the arrival in the company of Stefano Capaccioli, son of Araldo and an engineering graduate – the first important company turning point was recorded through the introduction of the study and realization of automatisms (automatic equipment) for loading and unloading the kiln cars and the consequent construction, in 1975, of a second and larger shed, which became necessary to internally test the production of stacking machines.

At the end of the 1970s, after having created a large number of devices and installations, the company became interested in machines for the production of extruded flooring. This implies, in 1978, further expansions in the production area and subsequently, in 1985, following the purchase of the first numerically controlled machinery, the construction of two other warehouses and the construction of a new office building.

Also in the 1980s, participation in international fairs began.

The 90s are characterized by expansion towards foreign markets: attention is paid to the technology of “handmade” inspired products . After years of research, in fact, the patented “Easymud” technology was developed, characterized by the high automated production of materials that echo the world of “handmade”.

In the 2000s, through constant growth, the company implements the design and construction of kilns and dryers for the brick industry.

On the strength of the successes achieved with its installations all over the world and making use of a staff of technicians with many years of experience, in 2009 the Capaccioli Group further expands its offer by designing and manufacturing the new complete range of ARAL machines for the preparation and pre-processing of raw material. In addition, with the opening of a branch office in China in 2014, the company continues its expansion plan on foreign markets, a trend that has characterized the activities of the last thirty years.

In 2016 Capaccioli marks a new milestone in the path towards innovation by presenting its new Condor® dryer which, thanks to the drastic reduction in drying times and costs, revolutionizes the manufacturing process by improving product quality and energy savings. A milestone in the name of efficient and green technology.

In recent years, the family tradition has also been carried on by Emma and Fiorella Capaccioli, who together with their father Stefano are facing new business challenges. Recently, in collaboration with the University of Pavia and Andil, the company contributed to the INSYSME project, a new construction solution in the anti-seismic materials sector that will have a great impact in the construction sector.
Capaccioli participates every year in the largest and most important trade fairs in the world, and is the official partner of ANDIL.
Thanks to the great experience gained in automation and in the use of robots, the company today is constantly expanding in world markets and turns its interest to various industrial sectors such as, just to name a few, the food and paper mills sector , making successful installations.


  • 1950 Arald Capaccioli founds the company in a small handcraft shop in Sinalunga.
  • 1963 Construction of the first real industrial warehouse.
  • 1990 First applications of robotics in the brick industry and start of the first projects with Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Turkey, Africa.
  • 1995 The successful Easymud technology is patented to create a “handmade” imitation with a strong Tuscan essence; one of Capaccioli’s signature flagships.
  • 2010 A complete line of burners is born and the Business Unit for the preparation of raw materials is created.
  • 2016 The Condor Dryer brand is registered which allows a lower investment, a reduction in drying times and operating costs, energy savings and excellent product quality. A real revolution!
  • 2020 Creation of Business Units. Capaccioli today addresses various industrial sectors and is a reality in continuous international growth.