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We design progress, we build new possibilities

At Capaccioli we create innovation by connecting our solid experience in the world of mechanics, automation, and robotics with the constant commitment in the field of research and development.

Worldwide experts in the design, realization and installation of complete systems for the brick industry and innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation applied to various sectors, we at Capaccioli are well aware of the challenges that manufacturing companies have to face every day on the market and we work daily to simplify their lives and to anticipate the times, minimizing the environmental impact and energy consumption.

Thanks to our experience and overview, we support and help our customers all over the world with our skills, we establish a relationship of empathy with them, we open up new possibilities and – with the help of our internal team of engineers and technicians – we offer tailor-made solutions to optimize production systems. We have a long experience in the installation of plants abroad and we have trained people to organize transfers and shorten plant start-up times.

Because we place a crucial importance on innovation, we encourage the training and evolution of interdisciplinary professional skills and strategic know-how, creating added value through the interaction of different skills and competences, always investing in development.