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Extruder • M Series

Capaccioli’s Extruder has the following parts:
Mixer group:

  • Structural base in arc welded steel.
  • Drive housing in welded sheet metal, including supports with radial bearings and axial bearings with adjustable rollers,lubricating oil sump, covers and seal rings.
  • Two shafts with tempered steel blades equipped with synchronizing gears. Shafts extend into vacuum chamber and are supported at ends by roller bearings.
  • Series of interchangeable mixing blades with wear-resistant finish and chrome plating.
  • Mixing tank in arc welded sheet metal with steel line.
  • Telescoping connection to vacuum chamber in arc welded steel with steel liner.
  • Ready to accept automated wetting syste.
  • Ready to accept misting system.

Drive unit:

  • Three-phase electric motor mounted to adjustable slide.
  • Drive motor by inverter.
  • Pulley and V-belt transmission.
  • Epicyclic gear train.
  • Oil reducers circulation and cooling control unit.