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From the single machine to the complete plant.

Our products are now famous in the international brick sector.

They are the result of seventy years of experience and know-how  but also of an innovative corporate spirit, constantly searching for improvement.

Our mission has always been to conceive, develop and create customized technological solutions for the brick manufacturing industry, focusing on the continuous optimization of quality, safety, and energy efficiency, all while respecting the environment (link build in green).

In particular, in recent years we have designed and built:

  • Complete plants for the production of drawn, pressed and soft-paste roofing tiles, with the possibility of glazing and engobing, using traditional and / or robotic technology.
  • Complete plants for the production of extruded brick for masonry.
  • Plants for the production of the ceramic and terracotta industry.
  • EASYMUD® (link easymud) soft paste plants having the characteristics of “handmade” with different types of surface finishing, with sand and smoothed by hand.
  • Complete and automatic systems for floors, fair-faced bricks and special pieces.