CAPACCIOLI designs and develops innovative solutions and process plants designed for specific applications for the processing and preparation of industrial products. Design of new plants, upgrade of existing plants, efficiency and optimization of complex systems dedicated to different production processes.

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Metals heat treatments

Specific know-how on combustion processes, heat exchange and transmission, chemical and physical properties of materials, study of technologies and products such as furnace burners suitable for various fuels.
CAPACCIOLI has developed a specific experience in the applications on furnaces for heat treatment of metals, with interventions of modernization and efficiency of furnaces in the steel sector.

Mineral processing plants

With solid skills in materials handling and transport, grinding and shredding, drying and mixing, screening-separation-selection, CAPACCIOLI realizes equipment and complete plants for the processing of mineral raw materials. Plants for the processing and treatment of raw materials necessary for different production processes, complete systems from the reception station of incoming minerals to the storage of processed materials ready for use.

Waste & Recycling

With solid skills in materials handling and transport, grinding and shredding, screening and separation, CAPACCIOLI offers equipment and complete plants for waste processing processes of various kinds such as plastic, waste from the wood industry, waste tyres, inert waste from the construction industry to produce recycled materials for re-use.

Recycling of demolition materials

Machinery and complete plants for grinding, screening and separation of inert waste from the construction and demolition industry for the production of recycled inert materials to be reused in civil works such as roads, undercoats, recycled concrete.

Recycling of used tyres

Machines and plants for the grinding and grinding in different sizes of used tires, for the production of recycled rubber granules to be reused for various applications:


for the construction of flooring for sports fields, playgrounds, cycle paths, for the production of sound-absorbing or anti-vibration materials


to be used in different industrial applications that require combustion processes as an alternative or to complement traditional fuels

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Process plants for different industries

CAPACCIOLI is an engineering company with technical skills and know-how for different industrial sectors, offering the development and construction of new equipment and machinery, complex systems and production plants.