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We accelerate development, we aim for excellence!

If there is a constant that accompanies our company it is the drive towards innovation.

Our ambition is to continue every day to foster innovation with the same spirit and the same passion that drove Araldo Capaccioli in 1950, starting a path that continues today and points straight towards development and excellence.

We push the accelerator on the innovation button to enable our customers to achieve ever higher levels of performance through our expertise and solutions, knowing that our success is measured by the success of those who rely on us.

We embrace change with an optimistic and proactive spirit, continually putting ourselves on the line, always ready to develop our core business and accelerate our activities according to the dynamism of the market and the challenges of tomorrow.

We aim to a more productive, intelligent, safe and sustainable future, and we are committed to making an active contribution to the achievement of global goals in the field of energy saving and sustainability.