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Leader for 70 years in the brick sector.

For seventy years we have been a leader in the field of internal design and construction of complete plants and automated systems for the brick sector, for which we have in-depth knowledge of industrial problems and the prospects for production improvement. For this reason we are able to bring innovation and development, anticipating times and needs.

We develop highly customized solutions, subjecting each machine to strict procedures to verify the quality of the product, to give our customers reliability, durability and efficiency. First in the industry to develop the use of robotic technology, we are able to offer traditional and robotic solutions.

We have sophisticated process supervision systems that allow you to manage the firing and drying cycle in a completely automatic way, constantly checking the adjustments and production parameters. Our analysis laboratory carries out technological analyzes on clay mixtures, using methods proven by over twenty years of research.

Moreover, in recent years we have dedicated ourselves to research, development and implementation of “green” projects to create solutions focused on low environmental impact and specific consumption.