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Technological analyzes on clay mixtures

Our analysis laboratory carries out technological analyses on clayey mixtures, using methods that have been tested in over twenty years of research: this allows us to have a large amount of correlations between analysis data and industrial results, facilitating the solution of production problems.
Furthermore, given the plant engineering experience of our technicians, it is possible to predict the cycles that can actually be used in certain plants and determine types of production, with the raw materials provided.

The main activities of the laboratory are:

  • Solution of drying and firing technological problems (breakages, reduction of resistance, efflorescence, discolouration changes and treatment difficulties in general)
  • Study of industrial mixtures optimized for rapid treatment and high quality
  • Study of industrial mixtures of predetermined colors
  • Determination of minimum processing rates for drying and firing processes
  • Evaluation of the technological characteristics of clays from new quarries
  • Technological analyzes connected with quality certifications
  • The laboratory uses modern equipment that includes, among other things, an integrated system for dilatometry and thermodifferential analysis from Netzsch, muffled furnaces up to 1200 ° C, equipment
  • for dry, wet and sedimentation particle size analysis. Each analysis carried out includes an interpretative report that provides precise indications for the industrial use of the raw materials studied.