In recent years, Capaccioli has paid more attention to specific consumption and environmental impact in all industrial brick production projects.

Building expansion, infrastructure digging and the construction of new metropolitan lines, the treatment of several types of industrial process, drainage and reclamation projects are all industries from which originate substantial amounts of waste, sludge and other inert materials.

Wastes have a significant effect on the environment and the economy itself, but thanks to Capaccioli’s know-how they can be re-used to produce, in addition to clay, bricks like thermal blocks and hollow bricks of various kinds.

Blocks and hollow bricks, in fact, allow to have a certain level of thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings constructions, unlike normal bricks produced for example with stiff extrusion systems and obsolete plants which determinate elevated levels of emissions into the environment, high energy consumption and waste of raw material.

Capaccioli can analyze the characteristics and the reaction of wastes in the mixture formula that characterize the green, dried and fired products, through chemical analysis and process tests carried out inside its own laboratories.

Using Capaccioli’s state-of-the-art facilities, low density (from 600 to 800 kg / mc) and high-quality brick products can be obtained, thanks to the experience in the manufacturing of soft extrusion systems, which allow to produce pieces with thin septum and complex geometries.

Thanks to this know-how, Capaccioli today offers technical solutions for the construction of complete plants where waste materials are recycled, minimizing the environmental impact and putting energy savings and reduction in the first place.

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