• Laterizi Archina’, Caulonia Marina (Reggio Calabria, Italy) Robotized dryer handling, cutting line and robotized setting machine, shelves handling system, coppi automatic setting line
  • Laterizi Cogliandro, Reggio Calabria (Italy) Supply of complete automatic line
  • Ceramic Industry G. Katsikis (Greece) Automatic unloading of fired roof tiles
  • Agricola Industriale della Faella S.p.A., Castelfranco di Sopra (Arezzo, Italy) New unloading line for tiles and packaging line
  • Fleming Fireclays, Athy (Ireland) Robotized unloading line, packaging line and robotized setting machine
  • Kingscourt Bricks, Kingscourt (Ireland) Cutting line, loading and unloading line, setting machine
  • El Khayyat Red Bricks Mfg, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Loading/Unloading line for dryer, new setting machine for plant n. 9
  • IGM Jedinstvo (Crvenka, Serbia) Loading of green material and unloading line of fired material for production of 22.000 pieces/day of euro blocks
  • ILA VALDADIGE Muratura, Matera (Italy) Plant for the production of ceiling and blocks
  • FBM Briziarelli, Bevagna (Perugia, Italy) Unloading of fired material
  • Società Fabbrica di Laterizi, San Quirico (Siena, Italy) Plant for the production of hollow bricks, bricks and blocks
  • Laterizi Akragas, Agrigento (Italy) Complete plant for the production of extruded material
  • Laterizi Torres, Porto Torres (Sassari, Italy) Loading and unloading plant with automatic handling for static cells
  • Cotto Impruneta s.p.a. Impruneta, (Florence, Italy) Sorting line for cotto pavers, robotized sorting line
  • Canteras Cerro Negro, Olavarria (Argentina) Plant for the production of coverings
  • Marcotta Tiles, Maryborrough (Queensland, Australia) Cutter
  • Australian Natural Tile, Carol Park (Queensland, Australia) Cutter
  • Agricola Industriale della Faella, Castelfranco di Sopra, (Arezzo, Italy) Cutter, setting machine, packaging line, unloading for roof tiles
  • Mendes Godinho, Tomar (Portugal) Loading line and setting machine
  • El Khayyat Red Bricks Manufacturing, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Unloading line for fired material
  • Calcement Ionici s.p.a., Siderno (Reggio Calabria, Italy) Unloading line
  • Ceramica Calaff, Barcelona (Spain) Cutter for pavers
  • Coopcostruttori s.c.a.r.l. Argenta, (Ferrara, Italy) Robotized setting machine
  • Gruppo Laterizi Sereni, Martignana Po (Cremona, Italy) Unloading system
  • Martignana Po’, Cremona (Italy) Plant for the production of roof tiles
  • Colorno, Parma (Italy) Unloading line
  • IGM Ciglana (Croatia) Unloading of fired material, robotized setting machine, automatic equipment for pallets
  • Flemings Fireclays (Ireland) Packaging line
  • Industria Laterizi Quaglierini srl (Pisa, Italy) Unloading of fired material
  • Solomos Bros (Greece) Unloading line for roof tiles with robot
  • Kubrsnica (Serbia) Complete loading unloading equipment with robot


San Marco -Terreal (Italy)

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Sarl Banou Messaud (Algeria)

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Pratigliolmi – Cotto Nobile di Toscana (Italy)

Easymud line

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