Complete plants

Complete plants (tiles, wall blocks, hollow bricks and ceilings, Easymud soft mud plants).

Roof tile plants

We design and build complete plants for the production of extruded, pressed and soft mud roof tiles with possibility of glazing and engobbing with traditional and/or robotic technology. In detail we produce:
– Traditional firing plants for 20/30/40 million roof tiles/year
– H-cassettes firing plants for 15/20 million roof tiles/year
– Fast firing plants for 10 million roof tiles/year

Plants for bricks and ceilings

We realize complete plants for the production of extruded bricks, such as wall blocks, hollow bricks and ceilings. Productions: 700/1000 t/day.

Floor tile plants

We realize plants for the brick and ceramic industry, such as:
– Sorting lines
– Floor tiles cutters
– Automatic machines for production of both glazed and unglazed floor drawn tiles
– Boxing machines
– Complete plants for Tuscan tiles and Klinker

Soft mud plants EASYMUD

Through the EASYMUD technology, we develop complete and automatic systems for floors, face covering bricks and special pieces in soft mud with “handmade” characteristics, with several surface finishing.
Technical features of EASYMUD plants:

– Production/hour = 4000 pieces
– Production/hour = 8000 pieces
– Production/hour = 12000 pieces and multiples
– Floor pavers and special pieces
– Closed mould and use of sand
– Open mould and with no sand – Spanish type
– Closed mould – Holland type
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San Marco -Terreal (Italy)

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Sarl Banou Messaud (Algeria)

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Pratigliolmi – Cotto Nobile di Toscana (Italy)

Easymud line

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