We started from here in the 50’s

This was the small workshop where Araldo Capaccioli built, with great passion and intelligence, the first samples of machinery, such as conveyors and vibrating screens for quarries and brick industry.

Further on, in the 60’s, the attention was drawn to brick factories with the setting up of the first rapid cycle roller dryers and with variable drying cycle from 1 up to 2 hours. The construction of the first industrial shed in Via Piave, where is the present head office of Capaccioli group and where the production workshop was moved, dates back to those years.

In the 70’s, the company commitment is addressed to the study and production of automatism (automatic equipment) for the loading and unloading of kiln cars.

At the end of the ’70’s, after having improved a wide range of devices, the company has directed its attention towards the extruded floor tiles sector.

In the ’90s, Capaccioli has studied the soft mud technology and, after several years of research, the company has developed and perfected its own patented technology called Easymud, which is characterized by high automated production of “handmade” type materials.

In 2000, through a constant growth, the property has established the company Capacciolimpianti S.r.l. to carry out the design and production of kilns and dryers for the brick&tile sector. Capacciolimpianti S.r.l. is also the owner of the registered trade mark FORNI E IMPIANTI.

In 2009, thanks to the strong success obtained with installations around the world with a highly skilled technical staff, Capaccioli group has further expanded its range of products, by internally designing and manufacturing a new complete range of machines for clay preparation and pre-processing of raw materials, the ARAL™ line.

In 2014 the company continues its expansion and investment plan on foreign markets with the opening of a branch office in China, a trend that has characterized its activities over the past thirty years.

In 2016 Capaccioli introduces the new Condor dryer, which revolutionizes the manufacturing process thanks to a drastic reduction of drying and timing costs and also improving the products quality. The new dryer is a further step towards innovation that distinguishes the company philosophy of the past 60 years.

Recently, in collaboration with the University of Pavia and Andil, the company contributes to the INSYSME project, a new constructive solution in the field of anti-seismic materials, which will have a major impact on the construction industry.

With the extensive experience in industrial automation and use of robots, the company has turned also its attention to the food and paper mills sector, producing successful installations also in this field.


San Marco -Terreal (Italy)

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Sarl Banou Messaud (Algeria)

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Pratigliolmi – Cotto Nobile di Toscana (Italy)

Easymud line

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