San Marco -Terreal (Italy)

The investment made by San Marco-Terreal Italy, for its historic factory in Castiglione Fiorentino, involved the modernization of the production line through the consolidation of two existing plants:

  1. production tiles
  2. bricks production line

For the technological renewal of the plant, the company has chosen Capaccioli know-how.

A series of automatisms have been provided to introduce the tiles production to be fired on U-cassettes in the existing brick plant, while the existing tiles line has been disposed of.

In this way the company has achieved two objectives: the rationalization of production through the use of only one oven and one dryer and the improvement of product quality due to firing on U-cassettes.

New fully automatic handling lines have been added:

  • New automatic tiles collection line under the press (RAT)
  • Automatisms for the platforms handling, dyer loading and unloading
  • Transfer tiles line to the setting machine
  • Automatic setting machine with cassette handling system
  • Automatic unloading with cassette handling system
  • Line of tiles choice and packaging line

It has also been introduced new drying decks with special supports for the tiles.

Furthermore, in the project are included spaces for a future installation of a second production line for roof tiles, Roman and terracotta tiles, and face covering bricks.

The handling line of the tiles decks can also transport decks of 1650×360 with appropriate adjustments.

The production change between tiles and bricks has been optimized and accelerated by the introduction of an automatic system that manages the decks.

Unused pallets are accumulated on special trolley cars, while the loading and unloading cars grippers manage automatically the accumulation of the cassettes on the trolley kiln cars

The complete plant has been designed to do 27 beats per minute and produces the following types of tiles:
_Portuguese tile 14/2
_Marseilles tile 14/m2
_Special pieces


San Marco -Terreal (Italy)

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