Maestrale S.r.l. (Italy)

Robotized plant for the production of 40 million roof tiles/year

With the supply of the second production line for “coppi” (Italian tiles) and special pieces,Capaccioli has completed in 2001 the start up of the complete plant supplied to  the Maestrale company of Giammoro (Messina) for the production of pressed roof tiles, Italian tiles (coppi) and special pieces for roof tiles.

The latest and most up to date robotics technologies for the brick field have been adopted for this realization and these technologies have allowed to gain extreme facility of usage of the plant combined with a high flexibility.

The plant consists of two completely automatic production lines which work in parallel, allowing to reach an annual production of 40 million pieces, and a wide range of products, from the pressed roof tiles to the extruded roof tiles and to the special pieces.

Traditional automatisms, with the application of new concepts, have been adopted for the loading of stamped and extruded pieces on the drying frames and the frames management. The main aim was to reach high hourly productions with low operating speeds of the frames and a complete accessibility for the operator to the different parts of the plant.

In the plant there is a 16 static cells dryer (24 hours drying cycle) a cell loading and unloading system using n. 4 innovative guided laser cars LGV type, a mono-layer kiln (sizes: 8 mt X 210 mt) with a 24 hours firing cycle, automatic system for loading dried material and unloading fired material, and packing system with large use of robots (in total n. 17 robots).

The guided laser cars LGV type, each one with a carrying capacity of 7.000 kg and completely automatic, carry out the loading, transportation and positioning of the shelves of green material inside the drying cells. As soon as the drying cycle has ended, the guided laser cars reload the shelves from the drying cells and take them to the feeding system of the two productive lines of the plant.

The  plant allows to produce the complete range of roof tiles and the special pieces in the same dryer and kiln.

This has been possible using new concepts which give to the plant quality of the product, high flexibility and easy usage, fundamental requirements for a modern roof tiles production.

Production flexibility is clear when we consider the range of products which can be realized by the plant, that is to say pressed roof tiles of different typologies and sizes (10-14 pz/sqm), Italian tiles (coppi) and special pieces; this production represents a complete offer which can satisfy the market demand.

Facility of use is obtained thanks to robotized systems, using last generation robots with intelligent systems of vision and developed man/machine interface.

Quality of the product is assured using an adequate system of control on the raw material, on the production cycle parameters and on the final product before the packing.

For this reason great care is put on firing cycle modalities (providing the kiln with adequate system in order to control the fixed parameters) and on the position of the pieces on the firing car, preferring an individual firing which avoids deformations and guarantees dimensional and firing uniformity of the pieces.

Briefly, the adopted firing system allows to obtain important advantages in terms of uniformity of the product, low consumption and cheap maintenance charges, as well as high simplicity in the automatism of loading and unloading of the kiln cars, which has allowed to obtain the wide range of products.

The so projected and realized plant allows to produce high quality roof tiles assuring, at the same time high production flexibility and low costs of production, thanks to the adopted modern and evolved system.


Annual Output 40.000.000 roof tiles/year
Number of robots 17
LGV (laser guided vehicle) 4
Dryer with static cells 16 cells
Drying cycle 24 hours
Tunnel mono layer kiln 8 mtx210 mt
Firing cycle 24 hours


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