Flemings Fireclay Manufacturing (Ireland)

Complete robotized plant for flue liners

The company Flemings Fireclays Manufacturing, which is part of the Lagan cementworks group, commissioned Capaccioli to produce a complete “turn-key” totally robotised plant for the production of 680.000 stoneware flue liner pipes/year with the possibility of producing in a second stage pressed pieces as well as extruded pieces.

The loading of the pieces directly on the kiln cars is realised with automatic devices, equipped with a robotized system, which rotates the pieces and puts them on the kiln cars in a vertical position.

The drying of the pieces is done directly on the 66 cars, which go along a ventilated tunnel, parallel to the kiln.

The kiln, realised by Capaccioli (80 mt length/4,5 width); prefabricated type, completely contained in a metallic casing in order to guarantee the seal – has been projected using high quality materials .

The kiln is equipped with a PLC-PC system, which guarantees an automatic regulation of the kiln functions and the supervision of the plant.

The unloading of the fired material is carried out by a robotised system; the automatic devices form packs of materials , which are positioned on pallets of huge dimensions (1.5mt x 1.5mt x 1.8mt – height). The robots of last generation have shown to be adequate for this type of job; since with their use the plant has turned out to be quite simple, even if they realise complex operations.

The pieces are collected one by one from the kiln cars, automatically selected positioned on the pallets, joined one next to the other so as, seen their particular geometry, the pieces support each other during the transportation.

Capaccioli has completed  in 2003, two months early the start up of the plant, with great satisfaction of the customer.

Annual output 680.000 pieces
Continuous dryer drying cycle 24 hours
Two layer kiln width 3 meters
Lenght 80,6 meters
Firing cycle 24 hours
Number of robots 3
Two typologies of flue liners


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