El Khayyat Red Bricks Manufacturing (Saudi Arabia)

Modernization of nr. 4 production lines

During 2005 Capaccioli  has carried out important plant modernization at El Khayyat Red Bricks Manufacturing, leading company in Saudi Arabia for the production of bricks.

The intervention is related to:

– Modernization of the production lines n. 1, 2, 3 at Jeddah site. The supply consisted in cutting automatism, loading and unloading of dryer, unloading of fired material and a complete supervision system for kiln n. 1

– Realization of the new production line n. 10 in Jizan site, consisting of a cutting line, loading and unloading of material from dryer, setting machine, new semrapid dryer and a new kiln

Our technicians have also supplied complete assistance for the automatism and kiln start up

Here below the main technical features of the plant in Jizan (South Saudi Arabia), near Jemen borders.

Lenght 170,55 m
Internal gallery width 5,2 m
Available high from kiln car 2,1 m
Production capacity 700 t/day


Hollow brick 200 x 200 x 400
Hollow brick 150 x 200 x 300
Hollow brick 150 x 200 x 400
Ceiling 400 x 200 x 200


The kiln, of traditional type, has been realized by applying the most innovative technical developments.

Considering the structural features, the kiln has been realized with self bearing walls which allow a reduction of execution times.

Due to clay characteristics, materials used for the construction are anti-acid type.

A recycling system of great extension  was supplied in the pre-heating area, in the cooling area we have supplied a rapid cooling system with air injection and recovery of hot air at high temperature. Capaccioli has  given great importance to the refractory material of the kiln cars, considering the firing cycle which is below 20 hours.

We have also foreseen a sophisticated supervision system with PC and PLC and inverters for the counter pressure control.

The above mentioned software was also developed for kiln n. 1 in Jeddah site, in order to obtain a good modernization of the kiln.



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