Cottocoperture – Lafarge Roofing (Italy)

Robotized plant for the production of 25 million roof tiles/year

The plant, designed and realized for the company Cottocoperture, (Lafarge Roofing), for the production of roof tiles and Italian tiles (coppi) is a highly technological realization. The plant, which is able to produce up to 25 million pieces per year, has been installed and sterted up  by Capaccioli  in 2001.

Traditional automatism are combined with the latest robotized systems.

Several robots move, transfer, pile up , unload and pack roof tiles coming out from the dryer and the kiln, guided by intelligent systems of vision.

In less than 24 hours the pieces are dried; in the following 24 hours the pieces are fired in a mono-layer kiln (dimensions: 7.60 mt x 166 mt).

In less than 48 hours from the moulding process, the plant allows to have perfect roof tiles, selected one by one, packed in small packs of 6 pieces and ready for the delivery.

The adopted systems, making the plant extremely computer based, allow to employ a small number of operators and at the same time assure process care and high quality of the product.

Capaccioli has completed the construction and the start up of the plant in less than a year, and this is a very short space of time for the realization of a plant of this size and complexity considering that in contemporary Capaccioli was committed in the realization of a bigger roof tile plant for the company Maestrale in Sicily.

Yearly Production 25 milion pieces
Range of Products
Portoguese tile 14pieces/m²
Portoguese Tile 10pieces/m²
Marseille Tile 14pieces/m²
Monocoppo 14pieces/m²
Ridge tile
Italian Tile (Coppo)
Special Pieces 2 milion pieces
Continuous dyer drying cycle 24 hours
KILN (monolayer kiln)
Width 7,5 m
Lenght 166 m
Firing cycle 24 hours
Nr. Robot 17


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