Raw material lab

The laboratory (Forni & Impianti) conducts technological analysis of clay  using analytical methods proven over two decades of research reaching a high correlation between data analysis and industrial results, which facilitates the resolution of production problems.

In addition, taking into account the experience of technicians (Forni & Impianti), it is possible to understand the minimum cycles that can actually be used according to the type of plant  and determine the type of production with raw material supplied.

The main activities of the laboratory are:

– Solving technological problems of drying and firing (breakage, reducing resistance, efflorescence, discoloration and abuse in general)

– Study of industrial mixtures optimized for fast processing for high quality

– Study of industrial mixtures of predetermined colors

– Determining the minimum processing speed process for drying and firing

– Evaluation of technological characteristics of clays from new clay pits

– Technological analysis associated with quality certification

The laboratory uses modern equipment which includes, among others, an integrated dilatometry and analysis of thermo Netzsch, muffolati furnaces up to 1200° C, the particle size analysis equipment to dry, wet and sedimentation system.

Each analysis provides a report with a clear interpretation for the industrial use of the analysed raw materials.


San Marco -Terreal (Italy)

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Sarl Banou Messaud (Algeria)

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Pratigliolmi – Cotto Nobile di Toscana (Italy)

Easymud line

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