Build Green

Many good reasons to build future brick factories using modern Capaccioli technology

In recent years, Capaccioli has devoted itself to the research, development and implementation of “green” projects where the low environmental impact and specific consumption have become the focus of the project itself.

In the construction expansion of cities, especially those of developing countries, in the construction of new and existing metropolitan and underground areas, in excavations of drainage and restoration projects, demolitions represent an important management item, from which it derives significant amount of waste materials that must then be treated and disposed of properly and in accordance with current regulations.

Other major industrial processes also produce waste. There are many examples of the results of these applications:

  • Sludge deriving from the production of paper
  • Sludge resulting from the cleaning of rivers and lakes
  • Waste of glass industry
  • Waste and sludge from the leather processing

Build green

All these wastes are a very important environmental pollution problem, which can be greatly mitigated by recycling these materials, by adding certain quantity of clay, to produce also bricks thanks to the use of modern industrial plants.

Currently, any brick produced inside obsolete plant determine:

  • High environmental pollution
  • High energy and raw material consumption
  • High incidence of shipping cost
  • Low quality of products caused by stiff extrusion and internal mixing combustion systems (clamp kiln)

Bricks that can be produced using waste and at the same time respecting the environment are mainly thermal blocks and hollow bricks of various kinds. By using state-of-the-art equipment, such as those proposed by Capaccioli, it is possible to obtain the following results:

  • Low density products (from 600 to 800 kg / mc) with the possibility to insert porous additives into the clay mix
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings
  • High quality products thanks to the soft extrusion, with the possibility of producing pieces with complex geometries
  • Low energy consumption and use of raw material
  • Less incidence of shipping cost
  • Respect for the environment


Capaccioli know-how

Capaccioli is able to analyze and determine the optimal characteristics of the waste, in order to produce state-of-the-art bricks, through the following processes:

  • Determination of chemical elements
  • Determination of clay acidity
  • Checking the shrinkage according to the humidity of the raw material mix recipe
  • Checking the suitability for fast drying process
  • Determination of preheating and cooling speed rate
  • Checking the mechanical strength of the fired material to compression and flexion
  • Checking the water impermeability
  • Determination of specific weight

Capaccioli is therefore able to determine what will be future developments in the industry, anticipating time and providing technical solutions to minimize environmental impact and energy consumption.

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